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Tool and Cutter Grinding Machines

Equipment, ltd is pleased to introduce the new NU5A Compact Scan machine by Nordutensili, the first totally automatic compact spiral router bit sharpener in the world.


  • The NU5A Compact Scan will grind all types of solid carbide spiral bits
  • The first machine designed specifically to resharpen for spiral router bits
  • Compact overall size allows easy and problem-free installation
  • Two wheels mounted together, one 75mm(3″) D6A9 wheel for OD grinding and one 100mm(4″) D12V9 wheel for Fluting & End grinding
  • Automatic wheel measurement program activated every time the machine is switched on
  • The NU5A Compact Scan does not require a specialist to operate, very little time is needed for training on how to use the machine and the mechanical and electronic systems are easily accessible
  • What makes the NU5A Compact Scan so revolutionary is the software which, through automatic laser analysis, allows the machine to determine all the tool parameters and automatically set-up and grind the tool with angular precision better than 0,03°
  • Due to the simplicity and ease of use, one operator can operate multiple machines at the same time and take up very little space


  • Productivity: You do not have to sharpen a spiral tool on a machine designed to manufacture the tool
  • No Errors: Due to exact laser analysis of the spiral tools parameter
  • Cost savings: No operator training costs due to the simplicity of the machine
  • Safety: Due to the totally enclosed working area
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: Spirals from 3 mm to 20 mm (1/8” to 3/4”) up to 125 mm (5”) length
CNC Axis: X – Cutter translation, resolution: .001mm , Maximum speed: 3m/min

Y – Cutter translation, resolution: .001mm, Maximum speed: 3m/min

Z – Grinding wheel height, resolution: .001mm, Maximum speed: 3m/min

A – Cutter rotation, resolution: .00007°

C – Grinding wheel angle rotation, resolution: .005°

B1 – Laser positioning, resolution: .0007°

Power requirement: 120-220 VAC, 10 Amp
Analysis system: Class II laser sensor

Angular precision better than 0.03°

Radial precision: 0.6μm

Operator panel : 10” Touch screen,  Resolution 1024 x 768
Processor: MIPS32®M4K® Core RAM: 128kb frequency: 80 MHz
Grinding wheel motor: 48V brushless DC motor

Wheel RPM: Adjustable from 2,000 to 4,500 rpm

Nominal power: 180 w

2 wheels mounted together (75mm & 100mm)

Grinding amount: Up to .005mm(.002″) per pass and mutliple pass grinding program included
Functions: Automatic analysis of cutter geometry

Helix angle, Cutting edge angle, Rake angle & Head angle

Wheel measurement and wheel compensation

Interface: On-line help via  Ethernet TCP/IP RJ-45 connection
Cooling System: Oil coolant

Tank Capacity: 2 liter

Flow: 0.5—3ml/min

Extraction: Centrifugal extractor with filter, 300 m3/h
Dimensions: 1135mm x 600mm x 670 mm ,  Weight 230 kg