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Testing Equipment and Gauges

Equipment, Ltd. carries multiple gauges and testing equipment for saw blades:

Side Dial Indicators

We offer quality side dial indicators/gauges in various sizes and increments. These European made gauges are offered in metric and standard inch sizes as well. We also offer a trade in program with these as well– meaning that you can send us your bad, broken gauges (if originally purchased from our company) and we will send you a reconditioned gauge at a discounted price.

Kerf Gauges

We also offer metric kerf gauges. These gauges are used to measure the kerf or thickness of a saw blade body (part number MM 004-00).

Saw Blade Tension Test Stand

For testing the tension on any circular saw blade, we carry a European-made test stand manufactured in Germany by Petschauer. Our test stand will measure the tension on any type of circular saw blade (carbide tipped, high speed steel, etc.) for accuracy, precision, and consistency.


For more details, pricing information, or quotes, feel free to contact us at (828) 328-8104 or Toll Free at 1-800-533-2006.