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HSS Saw Blades and Blanks



Equipment, ltd. now stocks a wide variety of high speed steel saw bodies from STARK . These saws are manufactured in Italy with high-quality Austrian steel.


Steel Grades

HSS-DMo5 (M2) – DIN 1.3343 – JIS SKH51

HSS-Co5 (M41) – DIN 1.3243 – JIS SKH55

Coated Blades

We now carry a variety of multiple sizes of coated blades as well (also manufactured exclusively by Stark, Italy). We have Bravo Blue blades, Ecoface, Goldface, and TitanEdge (titanium aluminum coated) among others. These new coatings nearly double your blade life while also reducing friction and increasing precision and productivity. Your coating choice depends on the application and what you will be cutting with the blade. For more information or to find out which coating will work best for you, call us at (828) 328-8104 and ask for Rob.